Turistický portál Královehradeckého kraje

Cableway Sněžka

Krkonoše Mountains

Pec pod Sněžkou (750 m above sea level), a picturesque mountain town, is the most frequent starting point for trips to the highest Czech peak. Pec pod Sněžkou cabin lift in Sněžka is an ideal means of transport, especially for your trip.

The traditional two-seater chairlift was transporting tourists all year long from 1949 to 2 September 2012 when its operation was terminated. In the course of this period, 20 million tourists came to the cableway that took more than 7.2 million travellers to the top of Sněžka. At the moment, the cableway is undergoing total reconstruction.

The new cableway leads in its original route, only the bottom station in Pec pod Sněžkou has been relocated lower towards the chalet Lesovna. New technology is used here, i.e. one-cable circulating cableway with four-seater covered cable cars that are detached at the station from the tow cable.

Opening hours

April - April all the days of the week 8:00 - 18:00
May - September Sa - Su 8:00 - 19:00
October - October all the days of the week 8:00 - 18:00
November - November Sa - Su 8:00 - 18:00
December - March all the days of the week 8:00 - 18:00