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Náchodská výtvarná zima / Nachod Art Winter

Organizer: Galerie výtvarného umění v Náchodě

Gallery of Fine Art Náchod Smiřických 272, Náchod, 547 01, Display on the map

Date of performance:
Event character: National
Event type: Exhibition
Thematic category: Visual arts - plastic arts
More information at: http://www.gvun.cz

Detailed description:

This year, the Gallery of Fine Art in Nachod is working on an exhibition named Nachod Art Winter — a regional fine art exhibition with international cooperation and participation.
Nongkran Panmongkol is the curator of this exhibition. She is based in Stockholm and in Phrae (located in Northern Thailand), and she is periodically active in Czechia. She has decided to invite fewer artists than are usually invited to the traditional exhibitions of this decades-old art space. This is to place more concentrated focus the selected creators.
Her perspective has been formed from her experience of the international contexts she transitions through. She focuses on contemporary art in site-specific (geographical) contexts, as well as social contexts, with an eye on art brut (outside art).
The limits and borders of multiple art forms, including professional (successful and market-oriented) art, non-professional contemporary art, amateur art, self-taught art, community art, folk art, and privileged forms of contemporary visual art, are blurred and constantly disappearing or changing. This exhibition seeks to blur those borders even further by presenting art from different contexts in the same environment.
Participating artists:
Michal Burget, Milan Hencl, Václava Henclová, Alenka Hlaváčová, Lenka Jirková Táborská, Jiří Kroul, Lukáš Kroulík, Tomáš Lanta, Alice Máselníková, Milan Mazúr, Jiří Mědílek, Gabriella Novak, Martin Gabriel Pavel, Petr Samek, Hynek Šnajdar, Viktor Takáč, Viktor Vlach, Jakub Vlček, Richard Wiesner, Markéta Zlesáková