Turistický portál Královéhradeckého kraje

Digital Planetarium Hradec Králové

Hradecko Region

In 2015 the building of the new digital planetarium was opened with a circular hall and sloped auditorium for 100 people. The special projection surface is shaped like a hemisphere and a digital projection system covers several projectors throughout the area. Visitors can admire a spatial projection of a starry sky or video films from other disciplines of human knowledge and get an experience of an astronaut in the space.

On two floors around a circular hall interactive exhibitions called "Micro-world – Macro-world" and "Energy – its forms and transformations" are installed, allowing visitors to become an active part of the exhibition. Individual parts of the exhibition showcase the most important physical phenomena and their manifestations in natural processes and help you to understand the concept of energy and its transformations. The observatory and planetarium offer visitors a variety of programs – Planetary and Galactic trail, evening programs and observation, programs for children, watching the sun, astronomical ring, astronomy club, lectures and exhibitions.

In addition to the exhibitions there is a meteorological station and a robotic telescope on the terrace which provides an opportunity of observing the sky via remotely operated telescope.